• Meet Rich,

    I started off in the military leading physical training sessions. After leading so many sessions I began to fall in love with fitness and the act of leading people to a better, healthier well being.

    While training in the military I performed circuit training, ruck marches, got involved with a little Cross Fit, and even finished a half marathon.

    During this time I realized that I was struggling with high stress and poor diet choices, which would cause me health issues later in life.

    After the military with my new discovered passion for fitness, and dissatisfaction with my own diet and lifestyle, I then worked diligently to become a certified personal trainer. Becoming a certified personal trainer has changed my outlook on my daily lifestyle choices and I aim to help others with the same challenges.



  • Meet Mel,

    I am a single mother to a teenager daughter and we both have a love for food. Throughout my twenties I went through my fair share of career changes, from serving and bar tending, to sales and marketing, only for it to lead to the culinary field. I cooked and baked for years and then decided to go to school for it.

    After 2 years of hard work and a lot of sacrifices, I obtained my degree in Baking & Pastry Arts from the Culinary Institute of America in NY. I know, a pastry chef turned nutritionist doesn't make sense, but there's more to that story.

    After losing both of my parents, at separate times, to cancer at a young age for them both, I then decided to study nutrition to educate the value of a healthy diet and how detrimental it is to our health.

    I seek to help as many people as I can to naturally improve their health and well being.


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